January 2023

Pervert caught by paedo hunting team

A trans-identified male who describes himself as a “sexual deviant” has pleaded guilty to a series of child sexual offences.

Jonathan Lea, 44, of Eccles who also uses the name Emma Bella-Puttana, was arrested following a filmed sting by a paedophile hunting team.

During the live-streamed confrontation, one member of the group remarked: “We have reason to believe you’ve been sending indecent images of children, and that you’ve also admitted to a child that you raped a six year-old.”

She added that earlier that day Lea had sent a photograph to the decoy which depicted his reflection in a window outside of a hotel in Manchester.

Lea had also shared his live location, according to the volunteer, which led to the recorded confrontation and ultimately his arrest.

Lea had also boasted about raping two children: in one instance, a six year-old child, and in the other, a seven year-old.

He then began talking to a second decoy and spoke about meeting her for sex.

The decoy was presented as a 12 year-old girl. Lea told her he wanted to “make beautiful s*x” with the child

During the live-stream, Lea denied the accusations made against him and claimed his phone had been hacked by a “Romanian dominatrix” who had been controlling it for the past three years.

Lea will appear back in court on 8th February to be sentenced.

Lea runs various social media accounts under the name Emma Bella-Puttana, where he posts a variety of trans pornography, including homemade adult content.

He refers to himself as a “dirty trans wh*re,” a “bimbo,” and a “sissy.” Lea is listed on his Facebook profile as a “sex worker” employed at a “wh*rehouse.”