January 2023

Sick paedo used fake ambulance to ‘offer first aid’ to kids at family sports events

A convicted paedophile turned up to family sports events in a fake ambulance and dressed as a paramedic to offer first aid to kids.

Wayne Pearson, 67, has been convicted for the third time and was given a deferred sentence at Selkirk Sheriff Court, Scotland, for the latest incident.

He was in court last week after being caught at an orienteering race in Perthshire with participants as young as 10

Pearson, who runs first aid company Coast Ambulance And Medical, is banned from working with under-18s after he was found to have downloaded sick child abuse images in 2016.

The brazen sex offender continues to drive old ambulances and even drove to his trial in a paramedic car – as pictured

Pearson, a former policeman in his native New Zealand, set up the private service 10 years ago.

A former friend said: “He drives about in these ambulances and can sometimes be seen parked up, drinking tea, like he’s a paramedic having a break.

“What would happen if someone took unwell and flagged him down? They’d have no idea he wasn’t the real thing. This man is a danger but keeps finding ways and loopholes to get access to work with children.”

He has a previous conviction for breaching the terms of his registration in 2020 by turning up at primary school events in Edinburgh and at a children’s cycling event in Perthshire. Pearson was fined £500.

He was back in court last week after police discovered he had carried out regulated work at another two events and was charged under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scotland Act 2007.

It’s not illegal to drive or own a former ambulance but an offence would be committed if it was driven with the lights and sirens on.