January 2023

Northumberland paedophile arranged sickening child sex ring party to abuse youngsters

A sadistic paedophile who plotted to sexually abuse youngsters and dogs at a sickening child sex ring party can today be unmasked.

To the outside world, Simon Mallen was a respectable, educated man, from a decent family and with a good job.

But beneath the facade lurked the twisted mind of a manipulative, sociopathic child abuser who even shockingly spoke of wanting to have his own children so he could sexually abuse them.

A court heard Mallen had bought items to use at the child abuse party at his Northumberland home, including a princess play tent, children’s toys, sex toys and anti-slip dog paw protectors.

He was only thwarted because two adults he plotted with were actually undercover police officers.

Now the 39-year-old has been jailed after a jury convicted him at Newcastle Crown Court.

Three women – Maria Alfonzo, former Care Quality Commission employee Caroline Scurr and ex-teacher Lauren Marshall, who all had sexual relationships with Mallen, have also been jailed for a range of offences.

Prosecutor Anne Richardson told the court: “To the outside world, he was a man who had had every possible advantage in life, someone who was well educated, intelligent, articulate, from a respectable family and who was in a position of authority within his employment as a technical manager at TI Geosciences in Blyth, and living in the Christon Bank area of Alnwick.

“However, beneath that charming exterior, there lurked someone who was, by his own admission in evidence heard during the course of the trial, manipulative, a man without emotion, and a sociopath.

He also stated in his evidence that he loved to humiliate those with whom he played, meaning those with whom he engaged in sexual activity.

“To that admitted cocktail of characteristics the Crown submits he was also sadistic, a deeply damaged individual who sought to damage others, a man who delighted in contacting women, some of whom were vulnerable, in order to further his own sexual gratification.”

The court heard that for many years before the events which gave rise to the offences, Mallen was in contact with various women, befriending them online and swiftly progressing to sexualised messaging.

Miss Richardson said: “Once Mallen had gained the trust of these women, he rapidly moved to an online discussion of his particular sexual fantasies, the primary one being the sexual abuse of young children.

“The Crown submits these conversations with these women, albeit they are from 2013, are relevant to the assessment of risk which the court is bound to consider, as they show that Simon Mallen had an objective, which was to get a woman pregnant so that he could then sexually abuse any children she had, and made it quite clear to those women that he was serious about this, terminating the conversation when the women were not able to acquiesce.”

Mallen’s deviant desires were revealed during a conversation online with a woman called Jo, who was in fact an undercover police officer.

When asked what he preferred – women, dogs or children – Mallen said he liked youngsters as “it’s the one thing that gets the synapses firing every time”.

He also said, in relation to abusing children, “you know yourself, it’s Pandora’s box, once you start you can’t stop” and said he “enjoyed taking an innocent and corrupting them”.

He told Jo that he had bought items for the party, such as a paddling pool and bubble bath and told Jo that she could take girls into another room and “enjoy them” while everyone else was downstairs.

During the conversation, Mallen said he would love to see his dogs, a Labrador and a Hungarian Visla, involved in sexual activity with girls.

There was then a plan made for Simon Mallen and Jo to meet for a coffee on August 21, 2019 at the Coastline Cafe, in Blyth.

At the meeting, Mallen gave Jo sex toys to use.

There was a discussion about what the other adult male participants at the party would be doing to children.

He had also asked Jo: “Do you define yourself as a paedophile? Such a horrible word, isn’t it?

But there’s no other way of putting it, you just have to embrace it, f*** it I quite get off on it yes, I am why the hell not?”

In preparation for the party, Mallen purchased a number of items from his Amazon account, including waterproof anti slip dog paw protectors, a banana shaped squirting penis toy, a family sized swimming pool with seats and children’s toy ducks, a princess castle play tent and a toy cleaner.

In a chat with someone called Danny, who turned out to be another undercover officer, Mallen said he was “too pretty for jail”. Mallen went on to discuss sexually abusing a baby, who he was told was only a few weeks old.

He also encouraged Danny to sexually abuse the child.

After he was arrested, police found a room within his house had been converted into a sex room, with whips, shackles, sex toys and various other implements, apparently for use within the BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism) sexual role play. In his evidence at trial Mallen also indicated that he had staples in the room and a first aid kit in order to dress any wounds or injuries which had occurred during the BDSM.

Mallen’s computers were examined by the police and found to contain an internet search history referring to links to websites depicting young children in sexual activity. The police also found images of an extreme pornographic nature. There was also a pamphlet which showed, in graphic detail, the mechanics of how to have sexual intercourse with a dog.

There had also been chat from Mallen about his dogs and how many women they had had sex with. Both Mallen and Alfonzo were charged with and pleaded guilty to offences involving planned sexual activity with a dog.

Mallen, of Horsely Place, Christon Bank, Alnwick, was found guilty of conspiracy to facilitate or arrange the commission of child sex offences, two counts of sexual assault and admitted conspiracy to arrange or facilitate the commission of sexual activity with an animal and possessing extreme pornography.

He was jailed for 18 years with an extended licence period of a further eight years.

He will also have to sign the sex offenders register and be subject to a sexual harm prevention order indefinitely.

Judge Christopher Prince said he had an “obviously engrained sexual attraction to children” and added: “I find it hard to envisage you will ever cease to pose the risk of harm to chldren that you currently pose.”

Mallen’s barrister said he had been remanded in custody for three years five months, has no previous convictions and that his “reputation has been completely destroyed” and he lost his well-paid job.

He claimed to be remorseful for his behaviour, which was rejected by Judge Prince.

Alfonzo, 33, of Southey Lane, Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot, Devon, pleaded guilty to facilitating or arranging the commission of child sex offences, distributing an indecent image of a child and conspiracy to arrange or facilitate the commission of sexual activity with an animal.

She was jailed for 43 months and must sign the sex offenders register and be subjected to a sexual harm prevention order indefinitely.

The court heard she came from Venezuela, where she met Mallen and was in an on-off relationship with him.

She had sex with Mallen’s dog and agreed to have sex with an adult at the proposed party in the expectation there would be young children present in the room.

Scurr, 44, of Hartington Road, North Shields, was convicted of conspiracy to arrange or facilitate the commission of a child sex offence. She was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years and must sign the sex offenders register and be subject to a sexual harm prevention order indefinitely.

The court heard she was vulnerable, had low self-esteem, says she was groomed by Mallen and did not go through with the plan she had hatched.

As well as holding down good jobs, including a managerial position at the Care Quality Commission, she had also worked as a prostitute.

Lauren Marshall, 37, of Coronation Terrace, Ashington, who was at the time of her arrest a teacher pleaded guilty to facilitating a child sex offence.

She was sentenced to 38 months