December 2022

Helensburgh man caught with ‘extreme’ images keeps freedom

A man caught with extreme pornographic images has been allowed to keep his freedom.

Jonathan Klinowski, 33, previously admitted having the material that included “explicit and realistic” depictions of bestiality.

Police had found the material when they raided his then home in Stuckleckie Road, Helensburgh, and he was charged with possession of images between June 19 and July 8, 2020.

He also pleaded guilty to taking, or permitting to be taken, or making, indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of children at the same address between June 22 and July 8 that year, and to possession of the same types of image.

In addition, Klinowski admitted producing cannabis at the same address on July 8.

After being deferred for sentencing from the summer for more reports by experts, including a forensic psychiatrist and neuropsychiatrist , Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard on December 13 that Klinowski was a first offender.

Sheriff William Gallacher said that he now had “read many things about” Klinowski, including reports by social workers and a psychiatric assessment.

He said he was persuaded that Klinowski was capable of taking advice given to him by social workers.

The sheriff imposed a community payback order (CPO) with three years of supervision, which will also be the duration of his being on the sex offenders register.

It will be a conduct requirement that he take addiction services and mental health treatment as directed.

The court will also review his progress on April 25, 2023.

Klinowski was previously said to have moved to Drumfork Court after a fire at his previous home.