December 2022

Brave woman stands up to ‘monster’ paedophile in court moments before he is finally jailed

A woman who was sexually assaulted as a young girl has bravely told her abuser she hopes each night he is visited by his very own “monster.”

The woman was abused by evil, prolific predator Michael McKay, 57.

 McKay pleaded guilty to four counts of indecent assault of a girl under the age of 13 on at least three occasions and one count of inciting a child to commit an act of gross indecency when he first appeared at the magistrates’ court

He was found guilty of two counts of unlawful intercourse with a girl under the age of 13 at a trial in October this year.

McKay, of Ganners Walk in Bramley, was found guilty of those counts in his absence as he absconded from the trial and a media appeal was put out by West Yorkshire Police in an attempt to find him. He was eventually caught and brought before Leeds Crown Court on Friday for sentencing.

In a brave statement the woman told how McKay’s crimes had impacted her life. She said she told her mother what had happened when she was around 13-years-old but the matter did not go further and she dropped out of education and began living on the streets before returning home. She said: “I felt so alone.”

She said that she attempted to take her own life and added: “I take antidepressants. I’m really emotional and have bad dreams and panic attacks and don’t feel comfortable and am often upset around men. I don’t know how to live a normal life. I’m uncomfortable being touched by my husband without having alcohol and feel dirty…My husband is not aware of how disgusted I feel.”

In the statement, which was read to the court by prosecutor Brian Russell, the woman told how she had even had to write a letter to her manager at work to explain what she had been through when she was supposed to be moving to a department which had men working in it.

She added she is now “overprotective” with her own children and does not allow them to sleep out. She said: “It made me very controlling. I don’t allow them to go places, I also have to go and they’re annoyed they can’t do what their friends do.”

The court was told that two days after the woman had reported him, McKay messaged her on social media: “Why?” She said: “I went to the police because what you did to me was wrong and was vile. I realised you had no remorse for what you had done to me.”

She also spoke about the trial and how “petrified” she was “going through memories in a courtroom full of strangers.” She added: “I had to remember every sordid thing you did to me.”

In a direct message through her statement to McKay, the woman referenced the police appeal put out telling members of the public West Yorkshire Police were looking for him after he was found guilty of child sex offences.

She said: “Many commented saying they hoped you would take your own life or you deserved a battering. I felt sorry for you and didn’t want you to take your own life.

I’d spent many years waiting for justice. I felt concerned for another human being because I have morals. You have never shown remorse, empathy or regret.

“Most kids are afraid of monsters in their room. Luckily they aren’t real. You were the monster in my room and you were real. I hope each night you’re visited by your very own monster – regret – and I hope it slowly eats away at you.”

Mr Russell told the court McKay had previous convictions for a catalogue of horrifying child sex offences against two other youngsters.

These included indecent assault on a boy, gross indecency, ten counts of rape on a girl under the age of 16 and buggery.

He was jailed for nine years for those offences in 2004.

His Honour Judge Simon Batiste made McKay the subject of an indefinite sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) and jailed him for 19 years.

McKay will have to serve two thirds of the sentence in custody before going before the Parole Board who will determine if he is safe to be released.

Once he is released and the 19 years are up, he will have to serve an extended licence period of one year.

The judge said he was also sentencing McKay for one count of failing to surrender. He said: “You engaged in multiple incidents of sexual abuse.

The consequences of this caused to the victim have been lifelong and extraordinarily profound.

Anyone would be incredibly moved by what she has said and the effects that these incidents have had on her.”