September 2022

Teacher groomed and abused girls in classroom

This is the shamed former Birmingham teacher jailed for sexually assaulting three schoolgirls.

Muhammad Taimoor – who worked at an unnamed secondary school in the city– groomed the young girls by offering them the liberty to truant lessons and spend time with him in his classroom.

The 30-year-old also allowed the 16-year-olds to use their mobile phones and vapes and gave them chocolates and doughnuts as treats.

Taimoor, of Richmond Road, Yardley, also joined a Snapchat group which he used to sexually communicate with the the students.

Taimoor was caught when his brave victims told another teacher what happened. The maths teacher was arrested and later admitted 11 charges of sexual assault in a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court last month.

 He was jailed for three years during a sentencing hearing on September 13. He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life.

The court heard one victim said Taimoor would compliment the girls on their appearance and ask for hugs in the classroom, away from CCTV.

He would also tell them they were sexy and beautiful and grabbed one on the bottom and asked her if she was ticklish.

Another victim said he had hugged her, slapped her bottom and tried to put his hand inside her top. He had asked her for a nude picture and she had sent him a photo of her chest, wearing a bra.

He had also waited for her outside the girl’s toilets and picked up a ruler and ran it up her leg. A third victim said the defendant had touched her breasts while re-fixing a sticker on her chest.

It was “an appalling abuse of trust and power by someone in a position of authority”

Taimoor pled not guilty to two counts of sexual assault of a fourth girl. The denied charges were accepted by the prosecution and will remain on file.