September 2022

Elgin paedophile caught by paedo hunting team

An Elgin paedophile was caught by a paedo hunting group who posed as an underage girl on social media.

Raymond Boyne was confronted by Justice For Innocents, after sending indecent messages to someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

The 64-year-old sent several messages to the decoy profile between January 16 and January 30 this year, believing he was talking to a child

In his messages to the supposed young teenager Boyne made explicit references to sex parties and to touching men’s genitals.

He also sent three videos to the ‘girl’ of him touching himself.

Boyne was ultimately challenged by members of Justice for Innocents & Protecting Kids Scotland who live streamed the ‘sting’ on the internet.

The group also passed details of his crimes to the police.

Speaking at Inverness Sheriff Court, fiscal depute Alison Young said: “The group leaves the decoy profiles dormant and wait to be contacted.

“The age of the decoy profile is disclosed immediately after receiving a message.”

The court heard that Boyne was told early on that he was talking to a 13-year-old.

In reply the defendant stated that he was aged 62 “but looking much younger”.

Ms Young said the exchanges involved Boyne sending details of sexual practices and inviting the 13-year-old to sex parties.

The court heard that Boyne sent messages such as:

“Do you want to see how it’s done?”

“I can’t do this if your mother is there.”

“I’ll show you when you are on your own.”

Ms Young reported that, when interviewed by police, Boyne said he was ashamed of himself and “might as well plead guilty”.

The defendant, of Forteath Street, has been on bail since January 31.

Sentence against him has been deferred to October 18 to allow for a background report to be completed.

Sheriff Gordon Fleetwood said: “All disposals are open to the court.”