September 2022

House of horrors paedo released

House of Horrors paedophile Henry Crowe who repeatedly raped his partner’s young daughter has walked free from prison this week.

The target of his deprived sex attacks branded his release as “disgusting”, telling how Crowe had “destroyed my life.”
Majella Cahill who bravely waived her right to anonymity at his 2015 trial said: “It is very disturbing to think he’s out there.”
“I wasn’t aware he was due out – I’m disgusted to be honest. The man should have done life in prison for what he did to me.”
“I wish he had rotted in there.”
“Predators like that they don’t know what evil is. He’ll just get back out and go to Supermacs for a meal for himself. Because he didn’t continue to rape anyone else he’s free to go.”
“I’m sorry, he destroyed my life. He can never tell me he is sorry for what he did. If he had a guilty conscience he would have walked into the police, but he didn’t.”
Crowe – formerly of Galway city and Ballyfermot – had taken advantage of the vulnerable young girl who suffered neglect at her Galway home where she was also sexually abused by her grandfather.
“I was raped constantly, every day by these men. I had a mother who just went out drinking and partying and not given a damn she had six daughters inside the house.”
“I had four predators, not just him. The abuse and the facts that were there, he didn’t deny and then he tried to apologise to me. Had he not done enough damage?
“He could have done his apologies years ago when I first came out with it.”
“Why did he have to go and rape me and beat me? I didn’t give him no come on I didn’t ask for any of it.”
It emerged during Crowe’s trial how Majella’s mother had beaten her and called her a “pr**k-teaser” when she told her about the rapes.
After coming forward about the sexual abuse Majella said she became the target of on-line abuse which forced her to leave Ireland.
“I had to leave my home I had to leave everything in Ireland. I had to come over here and start all over again. I was scandalised all over Facebook, accused of raping my own children and everything.”
“I put up a scan picture of my daughter, I was only pregnant five months – I had comments they were going to burn me out of it that I was only a skanky dirty whore, that I was going in raping my children at night time, I was a sex –crazed woman.”
“I went onto the steps of the court and thought if I do this people will believe me – it got worse for me from there.”
“There’s a lot to the story, it is not just Henry Crowe.”
Even now, Majella admits it is a daily struggle to deal with what she was put through as a child and his ten-year sentence gave her little satisfaction.
“There wasn’t any – even thinking about it turns my stomach. Every day I look in the mirror and think ‘my god you are an ugly bitch, maybe you gave an eye or gave him a wink or something’. There’s no satisfaction there.”
Crowe got a ten-year prison sentence in 2015 after a trial at the Central Criminal Court where he pleaded guilty to five sample charges of rape.
The offences happened on dates between November 23, 1988 and December 31, 1992 when Majella was aged between 11 and 15 years old at the time.
In her victim impact report it was heard that she waived her right to anonymity so that Crowe could be named.
Judge Paul Carney declared Crowe a sex offender and said he was taking into account the gross breach of trust, the victim’s age and the number of offences when passing sentence.
He also took into account that Crowe took advantage of his victim’s dysfunctional family situation and violated her while she was being abused by other family members.
It was also ordered Crowe undergo 18 months post release supervision and stay away from Ms Cahill on his release from prison.
At a previous sentence hearing, Majella Cahill had begun reading her victim impact statement but became overwhelmed and a garda read the rest of it into the record.
In it she outlined how she was neglected as a child by her mother.
As a three-year-old she went to live with her father’s parents before returning to live in Galway with her mother’s parents when she was seven years old.
She said her grandfather, who had since died, sexually abused her in that house.
When she was 11 years old Crowe started a relationship with her mother and he began to rape her on a daily basis after initially being nice to her.
Describing her “horrible and disgusting childhood” Majella stated: “We were left on our own, hungry and dirty. I was neglected by my mother.”
She said social services were involved with the family but her mother would “clean and feed us” when she knew they were visiting.
When she first told her mother about Crowe raping her, she called the child “a pr**k teaser” and said that Ms Cahill had wanted Crowe for herself.
“She always claimed I was lying. She started beating me when I told her about the abuse.”
Ms Cahill said she later became unruly and would get into trouble with the local gardaí. She said when Crowe raped her he would start by accusing her of being bold or robbing.
“He became a monster in my mind,” Ms Cahill said before she described once being raped while her mother was pregnant with Crowe’s child.

“I will have to live with this for the rest of my life,” she stated.