September 2022

Longfield pervert downloaded images of someone performing sex act with dog and horse

A pervert has avoided prison after he downloaded images of someone performing a sex act with a dog and a horse also viewed indecent images of children including one of a toddler being raped.

Oliver Fallace, 26, from Longfield, was found to have downloaded the extreme pornographic images, and others including one of a child aged between one and three being attacked by an abuser, after police went to his address in January last year.

His mum answered the door to polce officers and when professional musician Fallace was asked about the images he began shaking uncontrollably and admitted to officers he may have viewed some.

Police seized a USB stick and a laptop from his home and, after analysis, found hundreds of indecent images ranging from category A, the worst sort, to category C.

Fallace, of Gorsewood Road, Hartley, was found to have downloaded 227 category A images, 444 category B and 756 category C images.

The former Gravesend Grammar School pupil was later charged with three counts of making indecent images of children, one count of possessing extreme pornographic images and one count of possession of prohibited images of children.

Fallace admitted all five charges when he appeared before magistrates in Maidstone in May and was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Wednesday, August 31.

The court heard he had downloaded 46 prohibited images of children and at least one category A image showed a toddler being raped.

The seized devices also contained five images which either showed someone performing sex acts with a dog or a horse.

Ben Wild, prosecuting, said: “He provided the pins and passwords to the devices and 110 indecent images had been deleted at some stage.

“There were still and video images found which were from three categories from A to C.”

Police analysers also established the images had been downloaded from around August 2017, and Fallace had got into a pattern of searching for them.

Mr Wild added: “The category A images contained pictures of children aged one to three and up to 13 years. The category B images contain images of children aged seven to nine years and from nine years to 11 years and the category C images contained pictures of children aged seven to nine years and 11 to 13 years.

“The prohibited images showed images of eight-year-old children and the defendant made no comment during his interview with police, but did say he would never harm a child.”

Judge Philip St John-Stevens was told Fallace was not working and was claiming Universal Credit.

The judge said: “This is not a victimless crime and you must now see this sort of abuse can ruin their lives (children in images) forever.

“One image showed a child between the age of one and three being raped, the victims in the images are very vulnerable in age.

Judge St John-Stevens placed Fallace on a two-year community order which will see him complete 30 rehabilitation activity requirement sessions.

He was also placed on sexual harm prevention order for seven years and must now sign the sex offenders’ register.

Fallace was also ordered to pay £200 costs.