August 2022

Falkirk sex offender exposed his buttocks to young girls

After preventing a drunken man from being run over a group of girls – some as young as 13 – were horrified when the convicted sex offender then showed his gratitude by shouting and swearing at them and dropping his trousers to expose his buttocks.

Darren Reid (45) was about to step out from the pavement into the path of an oncoming vehicle in Falkirk town centre, but the quick thinking girls shouted out and saved him.

He seemed to be annoyed by this for some reason and then started shouting and swearing at them, before pulling down his trousers and showing them his buttocks.

The girls fled to the safety of a nearby shop, but when they came out Reid was still there.

One of the youngsters took a picture of him with her phone and that – along with CCTV footage of the offence – was used to identify him.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Reid had pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour in Garrison Place, Falkirk on April 23 and a sexual assault on a woman – touching her private parts over her clothing – in Stewart Road, Falkirk on July 24 last year.

The court heard there was “no sexual element” to Reid’s most recent offence, which was captured on CCTV. However, it was stated the incident had left the girls – aged either 13 or 14 – badly shaken

Rachel Hill, procurator fiscal depute, said: “The complainers did not know the accused. It was 6.30pm and the complainers saw the accused crossing in front of them. He appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

“He stepped onto the road when a car was approaching and one of the complainers shouted at him to be careful. He then shouted towards them, swearing at them and called one of them a fat cow.

“He then pulled his trousers down and exposed his buttocks to the girls – he did this for several moments. The complainers were upset and alarmed and quickly walked passed the accused and approached another adult and asked to be escorted into Asda.

“They were within the shop for a few minutes and on exiting they saw the accused again. One of the girls managed to take a picture of the accused with her phone. Several days later police were made aware of the incident.

“The school-based police officer got a copy of the image which one of the girls had taken.”

The court heard Reid actually showed up at Falkirk Police Station on an unconnected matter and that was when he was arrested for this offence.

Sheriff Derek Livingston said: “From what I gather the girls have tried to help him and he seems to have taken umbrage at this.”

Addressing Reid directly, he added: “However drunk you were, it’s no excuse whatsoever in relation to these matters.”

He sentenced Reid, 8 Birnam Place, Falkirk, to a total of 282 days in prison for the two offences and he was placed on the sex offenders register for five years.