August 2022

Sunderland ‘monster’ paedophile who carried out sex attacks on multiple children is jailed for 17 years

A “monster” paedophile who carried out sex attacks on multiple children has been jailed for 17 years.

James Eggleston, who was six feet tall, very overweight and “smelled strongly of body odour”, targeted five young victims, both male and female, starting in the 1970s.

In heartbreaking impact statements read out at Newcastle Crown Court, Eggleston’s victims, who are now all adults, branded him a “terrible man”, a “disgusting animal” and said they have spent their whole lives traumatised by what he did to them.

One bravely stood in the witness box and told Eggleston, who is now 71: “You are a monster of the worst kind.

“I hope you spend the rest of your miserable life rotting in prison.”

Prosecutor Paul Cleasby told the court: “The prosecution case against him is that he committed acts of serious sexual abuse against vulnerable children.”

Mr Cleasby said Eggleston denied the allegations made against him and added: “He previously claimed each of the victims fabricated their complaints and told lies about him because they wished to gain compensation..”

The court heard Eggleston has told the authorities the victims of his offences are “bad people, doing anything for money”.

Mr Cleasby said one of the victims gave a detailed description of Eggleston at the time he attacked her and told the court: “She recalled him at the time being six feet tall. He was very overweight and had poor personal hygiene. He smelled strongly of body odour.”

Eggleston, 71, of Hallfield Close, Sunderland, who still claims to be “innocent”, admitted rape, attempted rape, two charges of indecent assault and two charges of indecency with a child.

Judge Robert Adams sentenced him to 17 years with an extended licence period of one year.

He will also be on the sex offenders register for life.

Judge Adams told him: “Whether or not you are still dangerous is arguable.”