August 2022

Newtown man killed girlfriend’s cats while ‘in a rage’

A Newtown man has been spared jail for killing his girlfriend’s two cats by “punching them repeatedly”.

The injuries caused to Nala and Fuego by Jamie Bowen were so severe that when he took them to Hafren Vets, the vet who treated them thought they could have only been caused by being hit by a vehicle.

Bowen, 29,  of Violet Close, admitted attacking Nala and Fuego while “in a rage” at his Newtown home on October 26 last year

One cat was already dead when Bowen and his partner took them to the veterinary practice, while the other had to be euthanised.

He deemed both had been killed by blunt force trauma to the head and chest.

Bowen was said to have “become hysterical” and he subsequently confessed to killing them both – but initially denied causing unnecessary suffering to the cats at his first court appearance.

At Mold Crown Court he changed both pleas to guilty and was handed a suspended prison sentence.

Prosecutor David Mainstone said the vet who treated Nala and Fuego became suspicious.

“The defendant and his partner had taken the two cats to Hafren Vets in Newtown, where the lead vet immediately saw one was dead, while the other was close to death,” he said.

“He spoke with the defendant and his partner to obtain consent to euthanise the cat as attempts to revive it were unsuccessful.

“The defendant admitted he’d killed the cats. The vet believed the cats must have been killed by being hit by a vehicle as their injuries were consistent with that sort of injury.”

He said the living cat had a fractured skull and injuries to its limbs. Bowen later admitted he had punched the cats repeatedly in the head before calling his partner home to help him take them to the vets.

The cats would of been in extreme agony in their last moments. 

Judge Rhys Rowlands told Bowen: “Quite why you behaved as you did, only you will know, but it is beyond all right thinking people who view cruelty upon animals as abhorrent.

“Clearly, you were in a position to know the difference between right and wrong.”

Bowen was handed an eight-month prison sentence – but it will be suspended for 18 months.

He must adhere to a community mental health treatment requirement and complete 20 rehabilitation days.

He was banned from owning animals for 10 years and must pay costs of £500, and a £156 surcharge.