August 2022

‘Distorted’ child rapist imprisoned for more than 19 years

A Daventry man has been sentenced to a total of more than 19 years after pleading guilty to raping a child and other child sexual offences.

Paul Hayward, aged 42, of Orchard Street in Drayton, Daventry, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Monday, August 22 after pleading guilty to the offences 

The court heard that Hayward apologised to the victim after admitting to his offences and said: “It was totally wrong for me to let you touch me.”

The court heard that, when the victim asked him why he did it, his response was, “I just wanted to please you.”

Hayward was arrested on June 13, 2021 when he gave a no comment interview to police officers.

Hayward was sentenced to 11 years and three months imprisonment with an extended licence period of eight years for all six offences.

He will be placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life.