August 2022

Pervert masturbated at bus stop

A pervert who performed a vile sex act in front of a schoolgirl at a bus stop told her ‘oh, f*** off’ when she challenged him.

Motie Mughal, 44, approached the child while she was waiting for the bus and asked her about service times – before exposing himself.

The 44-year-old spoke to the girl, who was under 16, as she stood alone on Wood Lane in Partington, Trafford.

The teenager saw Mughal performing a sex act. She challenged him, before he told her ‘oh, f*** off’, and walked away.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard that later, a woman walking her dog noticed Mughal standing on a nearby with his trousers down, exposing himself

Amanda Johnson, prosecuting, said that on April 21, at around 7.20am, the girl was waiting for the bus when Mughal approached her and asked about service times.

They waited together in silence until she became aware he was doing something which made her feel uncomfortable and turned around to look at him.

“He had taken his trousers down and was facing her, and was moving his hand in a way which suggested he was masturbating,” the prosecutor said. “She challenged him and he said ‘oh, f*** off’.

“They both walked away. Some time later an adult woman was walking her dog on Wood Lane when she became aware somebody was behind her and she smelt a strong odour.”

She crossed onto Buttermere Road when her dog’s attention was drawn to something.

She saw Mughal with his trousers down to his knees, with his genitals exposed.

She later provided a statement in which she said she felt shocked and afraid and was concerned as the area was often frequented by children.

Mughal was said to have two previous convictions for five offences, including for outraging public decency; and exposure. The court heard he had previously exposed himself in similar circumstances in front of four separate victims.

Mughal, of New William Close, Partington, was jailed for 24 months and ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register for 10 years.

He earlier pleaded guilty to engaging in a sexual act in the presence of a child; and exposure.