August 2022

Newtown sex offender is sent back to prison

A convicted sex offender has been sent to jail for six months after appearing in court for the second time this year for breaching the terms of a suspended prison sentence.

Magistrates decided not to give Elijah Callum Griffiths, of Llanfair Road, Newtown, “one last chance” before he was taken away from the dock by prison officers at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (August 16) to start his 26-week prison sentence.

The 23-year-old admitted in court that he failed to attend an unpaid work session on May 28 and a planned meeting with a probation officer on June 16 which were requirements of a two-year suspended sentence order.

The order was imposed in November last year after Griffiths failed to notify police of a change of address following his release from prison in June 2021 for repeatedly breaching a community order for sexually assaulting a woman.

Griffiths had shown “little commitment” to his suspended sentence order and “appears to be reluctant to apply himself” and “ignored such commitments”.

Griffiths had claimed he had not received calls or texts from the probation service to a phone which he claimed had been stolen. The probation service was then told that Griffiths had caught Covid and he claimed to be in isolation between May 30 and June 9 – but he was seen out and about in town with friends during that period, the court heard.

A report said Griffiths continues to use cocaine and misuse alcohol to relax when he’s stressed. It continued to say that the 23-year-old has a “lack of motivation and enthusiasm” and no longer complies with substance misuse charity Kaleidoscope because he is, in his words, “beyond caring”.

Magistrates were told that since the breaches in May and June, Griffiths had missed a further four appointments with the probation service.

Nerys Jones, chair of the magistrates’ bench, said: “We are activating the original sentence and we are sending you to prison for 26 weeks. The reasons are that you failed to comply with the order and breached the order on two dates.”