August 2022

Bath robotics expert downloaded hundreds of child abuse videos

A robotics expert that downloaded hundreds of child sexual abuse videos has avoided prison 

Benedict Brown, 26, of Upper Weston in Bath, pleaded guilty to three charges of downloading indecent images of children. Judge Mark Horton handed him a three-year community order with rehabilitation.

The judge told Brown: “These images remain there for an eternity. If it was not for young men like you there would not be an industry which feeds on the abuse of young children.”

Brown was told to register his whereabouts to police for five years. He was also barred from working with children and vulnerable adults for five years and was given a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order designed to stop him reoffending.

Nadeem Aullybocus, prosecuting, said police acting on intelligence visited Brown’s home, where he was out but his parents let them in. His bedroom was searched and indecent images were found on one of his devices.

In total Brown was found with just over 600 child abuse videos. A total of 372 were deemed to fall into the highest concern category.

Bristol Crown Court heard Benedict Brown was the proud holder of a First Class Honours Degree in robotics.