August 2022

Creep jailed for spying on woman’s bedroom with hiding camera

A pervert has been locked up for spying on a woman in her own bedroom through a hidden camera.

Ryan Maddock watched his victim as she left the shower and lay in bed through the concealed device.

When it was discovered by the woman, she was left feeling ‘violated and shocked’ through what was described as a ‘gross violation of her privacy’.

The 28-year-old was later charged with voyeurism and appeared before Warrington Magistrates’ Court on Friday to be sentenced.

Ashleigh Smith, prosecuting, explained how in March last year, the victim was cooking in her Warrington home when the electricity tripped.

When it was turned back on, she noticed a flashing light in her bedroom, and on closer inspection, she discovered that the light was coming from a small camera hidden near her bed.

She immediately unplugged IT, with an impact statement revealing how it made her cry and feel ‘absolutely violated, shocked and scared in her own home’.

Maddock admitted to putting it there when approached by police, who seized his mobile phone and found downloaded images which had been recorded on the camera.

These showed the victim leaving the bathroom, lying in bed and even coming out of the shower.

According to the charge, Maddock had been spying on her for a period of around a month and a half.

The court heard how he demonstrated a significant degree of planning to install the camera, including concealing it to ensure it could not be seen.

Stating that Maddock has a ‘realistic prospect of rehabilitation’, Mr Coupe commented that the court could consider suspending the custodial term.

Before sentencing, chair magistrate John Nelson said: “This is not a pleasant case.

“The consideration we have had is whether or not it should go to crown court, however we have decided that we can deal with the matter today.

“But we will not be suspending the sentence, and you will be going to prison today.”

Maddock, of St John’s Grove in Kirk Hammerton, near York, was sentenced to six months in prison.

He must also comply with sex offender notification requirements for seven years and abide by a restraining order not to contact the victim or enter a named Warrington street for five years.

In addition, the court approved an order for the forfeiture and destruction of the camera.