August 2022

West Bromwich pervert who asked ‘schoolgirl’ for snaps of her body avoids jail

A married man who asked an undercover cop posing as a schoolgirl for a ‘nude’ and said she looked ‘hot’ in her uniform has avoided jail.

Paedophile Rajinder Kumar told the 12-year-old he would ‘kiss her in all the naughty places’ after badgering her with requests to see her ‘body’.

But the 50-year-old glass cutter, from the Black Country, was unaware he was actually speaking to a police officer secretly hunting for sex offenders online. 

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard how Kumar’s offending was exposed during an operation carried out by Yorkshire and Humber Regional Organised Crime Unit.

The convict thought he was talking to a girl called Megan but it was actually an undercover officer posing as the youngster. Prosecutor Nigel Stelling said: “The communication was sexual pretty much from the outset.

“He sent her, initially, a profile of himself claiming he was 17-years-old, with the operative responding that she was 12. He commented that she was kind of young but continued the conversation and sent a selfie of a white male who was unclothed from the upper body.”

Kumar asked the girl what she looked like and she suggested he follow her on Instagram but the defendant claimed he had deleted his account. The officer then asked Kumar to send a picture but he replied “only if you send a nude”.

Kumar sent further messages to the youngster asking “do you want to see my d*** or not” before sending across a picture of a muscular male torso. He sent a string of further pictures to the girl including a man with a naked torso, pictures of a man’s genitals and a man in his underwear.

He went on to play a game of ‘truth or dare’ with the girl, with Kumar claiming his ‘most embarrassing moment was when his mother walked in on him during a sex act’. The court heard how the paedophile continued to make the conversation sexual, asking the girl if she gets aroused when she thinks about sex.

He commented “I bet you have a nice body” after telling the schoolgirl he wished she was in the shower with him. Mr Stelling went on to say how the undercover officer revealed Megan had a skinny body and a bra size of 28, with Kumar replying “You are 12” and “you’re still growing, you will get bigger”.

On another occasion, the youngster told Kumar she was in school, with the defendant telling her: “You should be with me, we could kiss and cuddle. I would kiss you in all the naughty places too.” He continued to ask for photographs of her, the court heard on Wednesday (August 10).

The officer eventually sent a picture of a schoolgirl in uniform and Kumar said “it looks as hot as f*** cutie, I just want to see more”.

Police eventually arrested Kumar, of Whyley Street, West Bromwich, who said he ‘had been stupid’. Stephen Cadwaladr, defending, said the defendant – who had no previous convictions – feels ‘shame’ due to his ‘enormous fall from grace’.

His wife-of-22-years continues to stand by him although she is ‘not very happy’ with his offending. Mr Cadwaladr added: “It’s extremely fortunate for him that she has decided not to end the marriage but to stand by him.”

A job is also ‘still available’ to him at the Oldbury firm where he works, the court was told. Sentencing, Judge John Edwards said: “You are rightly ashamed of your behaviour. By doing what you did, you demean yourself by indulging in this behaviour.

“You were quite willing, effectively, to abuse a child. The fact that Megan only existed in your imagination is an irrelevance.” Kumar admitted attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child between April 13 and May 24.

He was handed an eight-month sentence, suspended for 21 months, as well as a 50-day rehabilitation activity requirement and £250 costs. The defendant must sign the sex offenders register for 10 years.