August 2022

Ellesmere Port paedophile tried to get ‘girl, 13’ to perform sex act – not knowing she was an undercover cop

AN Ellesmere Port paedophile tried to get what he thought was a 13-year-old girl to perform a sex act, not knowing the girl was actually an undercover police officer.

Daniel Youd, 36, of Rhuddlan Court, had previously pleaded guilty to the charge, which took place on online messaging services.

When police arrived at his home address, they found hundreds of indecent images of children on his laptop and computer, involving children as young as five years old.

Chester Crown Court heard on Friday, August 12 that Youd had previously received a police caution for possession of an indecent image in 2011, and was put on the sex offenders register for two years. He then began acquiring indecent images again in 2014.

Honorary Recorder of Chester Judge Steven Everett said a “deterrent” message must go out to offenders such as Youd, who pleaded guilty to all charges, and jailed him for 16 months.

Prosecuting, Nardeen Nemat said it was in March 2021 when Youd began chatting to what he believed was ’13-year-old girl Skye’, who was actually an undercover police officer.

In one conversation, he asked ‘Skye’ if she had performed a particular sex act, to which ‘Skye’ replied: “Lol what’s that? I’m 13 by the way”.

When told by ‘Skye’ the act sounded “rude”, Youd replied: “It feels good though.”

Youd also asked ‘Skye’ if she was a virgin, and asked for a photo of her. The undercover officer responded with a fake photo. Youd sent one of himself, fully clothed, from the waist upwards.

He said he wanted to see a photo of her in her onesie, and when the officer wrote they “had to go”, Youd replied he did as well and ended with a kiss emoji.

Youd later admitted to police he would perform a sex act on himself when chatting to children online.

Police executed a warrant at Youd’s address, where his partner and young child were, that month, and seized a number of devices.

On a couple of Youd’s devices were a total of 458 indecent images and videos of children.

Of the 458, 18 were assessed as ‘category A’ – the most serious category of indecent image, with 16 of this in turn being videos involving children aged as young as five.

There were also 11 category B images, of which seven were videos, and 429 category C images, of which nine were videos.

In police interview, Youd admitted that 70 per cent of the online chats were with children. He had spoken to Stop It Now to seek support, but found it difficult.

He had no previous convictions, but did have a caution in 2011 for possession of an indecent image.

A pre-sentence report had revealed Youd’s partner had since ended the relationship.

Judge Everett said the indecent images found were “truly disgusting, truly terrible”.

He added: “What you need to understand is, although these were ‘non-contact’ offences, all these children on these photos and videos are victims. They were not videoing themselves and uploading it to the internet, these were as a result of sex offender adults making them do these terrible things.

“We don’t know what happened to them; we don’t know if they are still alive. They would be regarded as ‘disposable commodities’.

“Because these people know they have a ready-made audience, this gives them the encouragement to do this.

“I see cases like this almost weekly. This is not a victimless crime, there are thousands of victims, and you viewed hundreds of them.”

Youd was jailed for a total of 16 months and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years. He was also handed a 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order which will limit his internet usage, and will be monitored. He may also not deliberately contact children under 16 without prior permission.

A deprivation order was made for the devices where the indecent images were found.