April 2022

Brave rape victim most traumatised judge has ever seen

A courageous rape victim who was so traumatised giving evidence against her attacker that she literally shook on the witness stand finally has justice after he was given a lengthy jail term.

Judge Simon Carr said that it was the most traumatised he has ever seen someone in 35 years of trying such cases.

Steven Brackstone, 39, of Edward Street in Camborne, was convicted by a majority verdict by a jury at Truro Crown Court of two counts of rape.

During the trial it was heard that Brackstone penetrated the victim in more than one way without consent and that she “felt frozen” during the ordeal.

The startled victim was left unable to communicate her protestations and “felt like a doll, just someone for him to have sex with”. On the other occasion he proceeded to rape the woman despite her telling him to stop. As a result of the rapes the victim self-harmed and suffered significant psychological trauma.

Sentencing Brackstone, Judge Carr said the victim was “put in an impossible position” and that she finally summoned the strength to speak out after confiding in a counsellor.

He said: “The effect on her has been dramatic. In 35 years of trying these cases I’ve never seen someone physically shake from the moment she entered the witness box to the moment she finished giving evidence.

“She went on to self-harm by cutting herself 24 times on the thigh with a Stanley knife. I take into account you are a man of good character and the effect prison will have on a 40-year-old who has never experienced it before.”

Brackstone was jailed for nine years of which he must serve at least two thirds.