August 2022

IT Technician had images of children urinating, court hears

An IT technician has been found guilty of asking two eight-year-old boys if he could drink their urine at their school summer camp had indecent images of young children urinating or defecating on his computer

A jury heard how Calum O’Reilly Timms, of North Street, Martock, admitted ‘liking lads younger than me, but not that young’ when quizzed about his sexual interests in a police interview. 

On day two of his trial, the court heard how the 25-year-old claimed he was in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ when the alleged incident occurred at Edgbarrow School, Crowthorne, on August 5, 2021. 

The 25-year-old was identified as the alleged culprit of the offence by one of the eight-year-old boys but O’Reilly Timms denies asking to drink the children’s urine. 

He also denies one count of attempted sexual assault, after one of the eight-year-old boys claimed O’Reilly Timms asked if he could touch his penis. 

On Tuesday, August 9 at Reading Crown Court, prosecutor Lisa Goddard read the transcript of the interview O’Reilly Timms gave after he was arrested on August 6, 2021. 

The allegation about the urine drinking was put to O’Reilly Timms, who said the claim sounded ‘horrendous.’

He told a police officer he had worked at Edgbarrow for five years and he was responsible for the site’s entire IT system. 

During the summer term, he was working at the school alone instead of in a team. 

O’Reilly Timms said he used the student toilets in the evenings when the children at the school camp had gone home. 

The defendant was questioned about the alleged incidents, and denied he spoke to or saw any young boys when he went to the toilets during the day. 

He also said he had never seen any plastic cups in the bathroom, as was alleged by one of the boys. 

O’Reilly Timms again denied specifically asking the boys if he could drink their urine.

‘I can’t give you an explanation, I’m sorry, I think I must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time’, he said.

When he was asked if he had a sexual interest in young boys, he said: ‘not really.’

He explained: ‘I like lads younger than me, but not that young. Like 18 onwards.’

Quizzed about what aroused him, O’Reilly Timms said he found boys younger than 18 attractive but he claimed he ‘wouldn’t make a move on them.’

The defendant said he found 16 and 17-year-olds attractive because he could ‘relate to them.’

O’Reilly Timms said boys aged 15 were ‘too young for him’, and he wouldn’t engage with someone this age. 

A police officer asked the defendant if they would find any pictures of young boys or girls on his phone when they searched it, to which O’Reilly Timms said they would not. 

Yesterday at Reading Crown Court, the jury heard that O’Reilly Timms admitted to possession of indecent images of young children on his computer. 

Today, the jury heard that the contents of many of these images had titles which centred around young children urinating or defecating and young children being urinated or defecated on. 

In a second interview, O’Reilly Timms gave a prepared statement, in which he again denied speaking to young boys in the toilet at Edgbarrow School on August 5, 2021. 

He attempted to suggest that one of Edgbarrow’s contractors may have been the suspected offender as there were many labourers on site working on the school’s refurbishment at the time.