August 2022

Girl, 10, fought off ‘dangerous’ paedophile who targeted victims in separate attacks

A dangerous paedophile has been jailed after he abused two young girls in Sandiacre and Hucknall with one 10-year-old victim fighting back

Richard Buckley, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to two sexual assaults and of making one of the girls watch a pornographic video.

At Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday (August 3), 48-year-old Buckley was given a sentence of five years and three months, and remains on a sexual harm prevention order and sex offenders’ register. The period of his licence was extended for four years.

Buckley carried out repeated sex attacks on a ten-year-old, touching her on her bottom and removing her lower clothing. She fought him off and kicked out at him and told him to stop.

Buckley fled but he did not stop there as he showed her the pornographic video. She described how Buckley was “acting weird”, told her “how beautiful she was” and removed her underwear. Her mother said in a statement: “As a parent I am distraught he abused my daughter”.

His appalling actions were inflicted on the second girl. Buckley, who pleaded guilty, stroked her thigh under a table and touched her bottom. She revealed what had happened to her mother after watching a video on child abuse at school.

The offences happened when Buckley was awaiting trial for sexual assault on girls under the age of 13 years in 2018. He was convicted in 2019, receiving five years in custody.

Judge Nigel Godsmark QC told Buckley the offences took place whilst awaiting trial for what essentially were similar matters. “These offences were against pre-pubescent girls and, the fact you committed them in the past, is sufficient to indicate to me you are a danger to such young girls.

“The pre-sentence report confirms that and suggest a high risk of re-offending”