September 2019

Girl, 15, sexually abused by man after going to his home to help him

A 15-year-old girl, described as immature and shy, was sexually abused by a man after going to his home to help him.

Gary Ward, now of Dunfermline and then living in Cardenden, told her he was dyslexic and also had trouble with numbers, asking her for assistance.

However, when she arrived at his home, he began making sexual comments before kissing her and saying he would take upstairs to bed when she was 16.

The victim did not tell her family at the time of the incident in 2006 and it was 11 years later before she contacted the police.

Gary Ward, 40, of Allan Crescent, appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on an occasion between March 1 and April 6, 2006, at an address in Cardenden, he used lewd, libidinous practices and behaviour towards a girl then aged 15.

He made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature, placed her on his knee, kissed her repeatedly and touched her body over her clothing.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said Ward had told the girl he needed help with some financial calculations and she had gone to his home to assist him.

When she arrived, Ward immediately began to make sexual comments to her.

He asked what she would have done if she had walked in and found him naked.

“The girl was embarrassed by the comment but ignored it. She was described as being vulnerable and very immature for her age, by her mother,” added the depute.

Ward then made another inappropriate remark about pubic hair before putting his hand under her knees, lifting her up and sitting her on his thigh.

He began to kiss her neck, lips and put his tongue in her mouth. The girl “froze” added the depute.

Ward said to her: “As soon as you’re 16, I’m going to take you up the stairs.”

At that, Ward’s wife walked in, heard what was being said and started shouting at him.

“She was extremely angry. The girl jumped off his knee,” said Mr Kapadia.

When his wife asked Ward what was going on, he replied: “Nothing. It was just a carry-on.” He claimed he had just been tickling her

At the time, the victim did not tell her family had happened. In 2016, she told a friend about it.

In March 2017, the victim reported the matter to the police.

Sheriff Alison McKay called for reports and Ward was placed on the sex offenders’ register. He will be sentenced on September 25.