December 2020: Gutteridge was handed a suspended sentence. A sexual harm prevention order was imposed and he was told to register as a sex offender for ten years 

October 2020

Man admits child sex charges

A man from Tiverton admitted trying to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex after being ensnared in a sting operation.

Oliver Gutteridge, aged 41, of Carpenter Close of Tiverton appeared at Exeter Crown Court where he admitted:

  • Attempted sexual communication with a child

  • Attempting to cause a child to be involved with pornography 

  • Admitted attempting to cause a child to engage in sexual activity by looking at a sexual image

  • Attempting to meet a child

The court heard that Gutteridge instigated an online conversation with who he believed to be a 13-year-old girl

He sent hundreds of sexually explicit messages with the clear intent of engaging the girl in sexual intercourse.

Gutteridge also sent a number of naked images of himself, and images and videos of adult porn. He repeatedly told her that he wanted her in his bed.

The girl continued to tell Gutteridge about school and repeated her age of 13 numerous times for which Gutteridge accepted. 

After several weeks of intense grooming, Gutteridge said he wanted to meet the girl in his home town of Tiverton. He explained that he would take her back to his afterwards. 

So he arranged to meet the girl in the Tescos carpark on June 28, 2018. 

In reality the girl had been created by the UK database paedophile hunting team who create profiles of children to try and trace and expose online predators.

The UK database team were ready and waiting for Gutteridge to arrive. He did, and the team surrounded his car. He kicked out and threatened the team. 

A Tesco security guard came out and witnessed the team questioning the pervert. At this time the team also rang the police.

When the police arrived, Gutteridge said he didnt have a phone. However, the team knew he did, as they had just been messaging him before the sting took place. 

One of the UK database members rang his phone, and the police officer heard it coming from under a board in the back of Gutteridges van. 

The team handed over their evidence pack and Gutteridge was arrested at the scene

Judge Timothy Rose adjourned sentence at Exeter Crown Court until December.