July 2022

Married taxi driver deliberately got 14 year old girl drunk to abuse her

A married taxi driver deliberately got a 14 year old girl drunk before manipulating and engaging her in sexual intercourse at a house in Birmingham.

As a result of the incident the victim had attempted suicide.
Mohammed Zubair, 58, of Crowther Road, Erdington, who had previously admitted sexual activity with a child, was jailed for six years.

He was also put on the sex offender register for life.
Sarah Allen, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said:

“She recalls that he was talking inappropriately about sex life with his partner, making sex videos and about other underage girls. It was all highly inappropriate sexualised conversation that should not have been taking place.”

Miss Allen said the 14-year-old had been on a sofa and that she became so unwell that she was sick. “It was during that time he took the opportunity to take advantage of her,” she added.

Miss Allen said Zubair then sexually abused the schoolgirl and that it was her first sexual experience.

A couple of days later she told a friend what had happened.
She said that it had had a detrimental effect on the victim’s mental health who had counselling.

In passing sentence Judge Richard Bond said: “Although you are a gentleman who does not drink alcohol yourself I have no doubt you were fully aware of what the effects of drinking alcohol would have been on such a young girl.

“The incident has had a real effect upon your victim who has talked about wanting to go to hell and feeling disgusted by what you did. You targeted a particularly vulnerable girl.

“You ensured she would comply with your urges by ensuring that she was drunk and having seen that she had been sick you took complete advantage over her. You were made aware on at least one occasion that she said no during the incident.”