August 2016

Renfrewshire childcare worker struck off for sending nude pictures to a vulnerable girl

A childcare worker has been struck off for sending naked pictures to a vulnerable teenage girl.

Stephen Murphy’s career is in tatters after bosses discovered he had been pestering the youngster.

A Scottish Social Services Council panel axed him after a sexual harassment probe, insisting: “You may have a deep-seated personality or behavioural problem.”

He was also hammered for making a series of vile remarks to the 17-year-old girl after meeting her through Renfrewshire charity Spark of Genius.

The organisation, which she used the services of, works with youngsters who need extra support.

Murphy told her in a text message: “Once I came into your bedroom and you were lying on your bed with a thong on. What is this girl doing to me?”

The creep also text the vulnerable teen — named only as ‘AA’ — to tell her he was aroused after she sat on his knee.

He added: “I am just sitting in the bath now, wish you could join

The tribunal warned Murphy: “There was a severe risk of a vulnerable young service user coming to emotional or psychological harm as a result of your behaviour.

“Your behaviour towards AA was a gross abuse of your position of trust.

“The messages to AA were clearly premeditated.

“There was a pattern of misconduct as you sent inappropriate messages and photos to AA over a prolonged period of time.

“The council cannot be satisfied that the behaviour will not be repeated should you remain working in social services.”

Murphy, who last worked in Johnstone until he was sacked, sent the messages between January and October last year.

He was also slammed for lying about having an HNC in care from Glasgow College of Nautical Studies in a job application submitted to a company in the

The hearing removed the weirdo from the register and says his behaviour could have a significant impact on his victim.

It added: “Service users have the right to expect that they will be treated with dignity and respect and protected from harm by the social service workers, in whom they and the public place their trust and confidence.

“Sending inappropriate, sexualised text and picture messages to a young person whom you knew from working with them as a social service worker constituted a gross breach of that trust and confidence.