July 2022

Serial sex offender has sentencing adjourned due to ‘ill health’

A County Armagh man involved in a litany of indecent assaults on females has had his sentencing adjourned because to “ill health.”

The case of Kieran Gallagher, 63, of Larkfield Meadows in Craigavon, was due to be heard on Monday at Laganside Crown Court.

Gallagher was due to be sentenced for 11 counts of indecent assault on a female, attempted indecent assault on a female, indecent assault on a male and one further count of indecent assault on a female.

The extensive list of assaults span from the 1970’s right into the 2000’s, involving multiple different victims across this time period.

It has since been revealed that his wife is a child carer and has provided the service from their home for the last 15 years

At the opening of court proceedings on Monday, Her Honour, Judge McCormick QC announced that the case could not proceed due to “ill health issues”.

Judge McCormick said that she intended to list the matter for mention on Tuesday, September 6, in order to identify an appropriate date for the sentencing of Gallagher to occur.

She added: “I anticipate that on whatever occasion we identify as a suitable date for plea and sentence, I anticipate that I be sitting in Antrim to do that.”