February 2010

Weymouth sex abuse case: Victim urges others to speak out

A 14-year-old sex abuse victim is appealing to children who keep their ordeal a secret to speak out.

The schoolgirl has set up a discussion group on a social networking website so that victims can speak to her

Her attacker Nigel Christopher Worster, 52, has been jailed after admitting causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and two further charges of sexual activity with a child.

She told her parents what happened and is calling for those who keep their abuse a secret to speak to their parents or to find someone else they can trust to bring their attacker to justice.

The Weymouth girl asked to be named ‘to tell others they have nothing to be ashamed of’ but she cannot be identified for legal reasons.

She said: “I’ve created an online group for anybody that’s been assaulted. I’ve been through it so I know what they are going through.

“They can go on there if they want to talk about it, to say what they are going through instead of bottling it all up. They can let it out

“I want to show everybody I’m not afraid.”

She said if victims cannot speak to parents they can go to an advice centre like Waves in Weymouth.

Her attacker was comforting her over an upsetting phone call when he sexually assaulted her at her Weymouth town centre home.

She said: “Afterwards I was angry and upset and just could not believe it had happened to me.

“I texted my dad saying what the man had done. My dad had left his phone at home but I was crying that much I could not see it.

“When my dad walked through the door he looked at me and said: ‘What’s up?’ and I told him. By that time the man had legged it.”

Worster was jailed for three years and nine months.

“I felt gutted at hearing his sentence,” his victim added. “I was hoping he would get life. I want to know that he’s not going to get to me.”

The girl’s dad said he was angry in court when Worster was sentenced.

He said: “I was disgusted with what he’s got. It’s not very long. He’ll only do half of that.”

He said he spoke to his daughter’s attacker on the phone before he handed himself in.

He said: “I told him: ‘You had better hand yourself in before I find you’.

“If my daughter had not been strong enough to tell me, he could be trying to get away with it again.

“She is a very strong-willed person but this took the strength right out of her.”

Her dad supported her decision to form the online group.

He said: “Even if she saves one person from abuse or helps one person to say: ‘Yes, I’m being abused’ or ‘I was abused’ it’s worth it.” The girl’s mum said she has noticed a change in her daughter.

“She was a happy-go-lucky girl who would go out with her friends before.

“But he has robbed her of that.”

Jailed for sexual offences

Nigel Christopher Worster, 52, was sentenced to three years and nine months for sexual offences involving the 14-year-old girl at her Weymouth home.

He admitted causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and two charges of sexual activity with a child.

The offences took place at her town centre address on November 22 last year.

Jason Spellman, prosecuting at Dorchester Crown Court, said Worster had gone to comfort the girl as she was upset about a phone call from a withheld number.

He said Worster lay down on the bed beside the victim without being asked and assaulted the girl until she started crying.

He said Worster fled and later flagged down a police car to hand himself in.