June 2022

Ashington sex offender jailed for breaching ban by giving two women lifts in his car

A sex offender who was banned from having lone females in his car has been jailed for giving lifts to two women.

Munawar Hussain is not allowed to have lone female passengers in his vehicle unless they are already aware that he is the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

The 46-year-old dad has previous convictions for soliciting a woman for prostitution in 2000 and for sexual assault in 2008.

Newcastle Crown Court heard a five-year civil order was imposed on him in November 2020 because of police concerns over his conduct.

The court heard the order not only restricts the passengers he can have but also means he has to inform the police about any car he owns.

However, in August last year he breached the restrictions by giving a female, who knew nothing about the order, a lift in a car he had not declared to the police.

He admitted two breaches of the order in relation to that but while awaiting sentence he gave another female, who was also unaware of the order, a lift in the same vehicle in April.

Hussain, of Wansbeck Road, Ashington, Northumberland, admitted a total of three breaches of the sexual harm prevention order. Judge Christopher Prince sentenced him to two years behind bars.

The judge told Hussain: “You appreciate that orders are made to protect the public by the courts. Protection of the public is a matter very much at the forefront of every court’s mind, at all times and the public must have confidence that the courts are seeking to protect them.

“You blatantly chose, quite deliberately, to breach a sexual harm prevention order made by the court.”