April 2017

‘Disgraceful’ farmer tried to claim girl he sexually assaulted had corrupted HIM

A farmer who sexually assaulted a young girl tried to blame her for corrupting him and trying to break up his marriage.

The defence put forward by Iwan Clwyd Davies, 39, was described as “disgraceful” by the judge who jailed him, who said he had a “shocking lack of respect for women”.

Davies, who Judge Niclas Parry said was “isolated and sexually frustrated”, groomed the girl and bombarded her with highly-sexualised messages.

He became infatuated with her because of problems in his own marriage. He had grabbed her and tried to kiss her, but she was able to push him away.

But another time, when he managed to get her alone again and tried to kiss her, he forced her to the floor, tore at her clothes and penetrated her with his fingers.

He continued to talk to her about rough sex even though the girl was clearly hurt.

Judge Parry told him: “The defence you ran was nothing short of disgraceful.

“You accused her of being the instigator, you blamed her for corrupting you, you accused her of being infatuated with you and wanting to break up your marriage in pursuit of a fantasy of being a wife on a farm.”

The court heard that Davies, 38, had tried to warn the girl off complaining about him, which aggravated the case against him.

Described as hard-working by his defence, Davies had no previous convictions and had been of good character.

Judge Parry said that the Davies, of Allt Ddu Uchaf at Henllan near Denbigh , led a lonely life which left him isolated for many hours of the day, which perhaps contributed to the frustration that he felt and the temptation to which he succumbed.

He said he took into account the effect of a jail sentence upon his entirely innocent family, who were highly regarded and respected.