July 2022

Somerset rapist made young girl watch porn before sex assault

A man has been jailed for the rape of a child in an offence dating back 10 years.

Marcus Pressley, 29, made the seven-year-old girl watch a pornographic video of adults having sex before assaulting her.

He told her not to tell anybody and she was so frightened of his temper and what might happen that she kept it a secret until she was a teenager.

She told a court that the psychological burden of living with what had happened had nearly destroyed her.

Pressley was found guilty of four offences at a trial in Taunton. He was sentenced on Thursday [July 21] at Exeter Crown Court.

The judge said: “Your victim was aged seven. She was a very young child. Obviously she knew nothing about sex or anything of the sort and you took advantage of her in the most dreadful way and over the years caused unspeakable amounts of harm.”

Pressley, originally from Wells but now of West Road, Oakham in Rutland, was jailed for 10 years.

The court was told the four offences all happened on one occasion when he was aged 18 or 19.

The defendant Googled a porn video on a computer tablet and asked the child if she wanted to do something similar.

When she refused he forcefully undressed her and then violently raped her.

He then promised her money for more sexual activity and when she said no, he continued the assault.

Pressley was found guilty of two offences or child rape, sexual assault by penetration and causing a child to watch a sexual act.

The victim said in a statement that she had been terrified by his threats. She still suffers flashbacks and crippling psychological issues, distrust of strangers and men.

“I feel mentally crushed,” she said. “He scarred me in such a monstrous way, I feel helpless, lost, numb and scared all the time because of the trauma he’s created.”

Judge Timothy Rose said the victim’s statement had been moving and eloquent. “The events of that day have blighted your victim’s life and caused her immense problems. The things you did on that day were truly dreadful.”

Pressley will serve two-thirds of his sentence in jail before being released.