July 2022

Tamworth paedophile jailed over sick sex chats with girls and disgusting images on phone

A Tamworth man has been jailed for child sexual offences which saw him in possession of three extreme images and videos.

Benjamin David Galey, aged 32, of Tamworth, was sentenced to 40-months behind bars at Stafford Crown Court earlier today (Thursday, July 21).

It comes after his pleading guilty to attempting to cause/incite a female child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and possession of an extreme pornographic image/images.

The court heard how Galey used an anonymous digital platform to communicate with children on the internet.

In October 2020, officers attended Galey’s address. They seized two mobile devices from inside.

Two images of an extreme sexual nature (beastiality) were discovered on the devices, along with one extreme video.