July 2022

Pervert stung by online paedophile hunter group

A pervert who went looking for a girlfriend over the internet was stung by a hunter group after he sent sexual messages to a 13-year-old girl.

Philip Stabler had no idea it was a decoy profile from the group Angels of Innocence, looking to expose sex predators trawling the net for kids

The 64-year-old contacted the profile on a dating site in February 2020 and began exchanging messages.

Prosecutor Richard Walters told Leeds Crown Court that Stabler was told that the ‘girl’ was just 13 but he persisted, telling her he’d like to speak with her every day and asked her not to tell her family or friends.

He turned the conversation sexual and sent her pictures and videos of himself masturbating.

After being arrested, Stabler told police he was trying to find a girlfriend.

He admitted a charge of intentionally inciting a child to engage into sexual activity and intentionally causing a child to watch a sexual act.

No mitigation was offered by his barrister, Shila Whitehead, after Judge Christopher Batty said he would not send him to jail.

He handed Stabler, of Katrina Grove, Featherstone, a six-month jail term, suspended for 18 months.

He was also given a seven-year sexual harm prevention order, to limit his internet use, and told to sign the sex offenders register for seven years.