July 2022

Sick rapist who threatened to kill girl if she went to cops caged for 13 years

A thug who repeatedly raped and abused a teenage girl over four years has been locked up.

Kyle Pugh subjected the girl, now aged 18, to years of coercive control, and physical and sexual assaults.

He controlled the victim, dictating what she wore and did not allow her to wear makeup.

He also assaulted her on a regular basis by pulling her hair and biting her.

The court was told that Pugh isolated the girl from her family and friends, and caused her to doubt her own mind during his years of abuse.

“When he raped her, she made it absolutely clear she was not consenting, but he persevered nonetheless.

The 19-year-old lashed out at the girl on numerous occasions. Once, he hit her with a vacuum pole to her legs, another time he hit her with a games controller.

Friends and family noticed injuries on the girl, including bruises and on one occasion a black eye, but she told them she had head-butted a lamppost and claimed to be clumsy in an attempt to hide her injuries.

Pugh stopped the girl from reporting the abuse to police by threatening to kill her, once telling her: “You think you will come out of this alive?”.

He would continually check the girl’s phone and social media. The aggressive scrutiny and control made her fearful to seek help.

But the girl built up the courage to report the ordeal and came forward to officers in December 2021.

Pugh, of Chelmsley Wood, was jailed for 13 years at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday, July 8, after being found guilty of three counts of rape, sexual assault, making a threat to kill and coercive control.

He was also found guilty of two counts of actual bodily harm and putting a person in fear of violence by harassment.