July 2022

Paedophile spent great deal of time looking at indecent images of children

A reclusive paedophile that spent a great deal of time looking at indecent images of children has been locked up for downloading more sick photographs and videos.

Martin Ollerenshaw, 34, returned to his depraved habits while serving a suspended sentence and again while he was being investigated by police for that breach.

The pervert surrendered himself to police in 2018 because he was ashamed of his actions but continued to offend again and again.

Prosecuting, Isabella Denn-White said that Ollerenshaw had been given a suspended sentence in 2019 after handing himself in for possessing indecent images of children and extreme pornography involving animals.

He was still within that two year period when the first offences of the latest offence took place.

Ms Denn-White said that the terms of that suspended sentence including a sexual harm prevention order which imposed limits on his online behaviour.

This meant he was not allowed to delete his search history or use software which would hide what he had been browsing and downloading.

Officers visited his home on Linden Place, Blackpool, in June 2021 to conduct a regular check on his devices and found a number of unusual file names which prompted them to seize two laptops and a mobile phone.

Searches found various pieces of software such as VPNs which breached the SHPO, seven indecent images of children and 18 extreme pornographic images.

Police returned to his address in May of this year to address what they had found, at which point he produced another mobile phone from under his mattress and told the officers, “don’t bother [searching it], it’s got illegal stuff on it”.

Another 19 images were found, all of the same girl who was estimated to be aged between 13 and 18.

Ollerenshaw lived alone and hadn’t worked since 2018, largely as a result of his offending. He rarely leaves the house because he’s frightened of the reaction of people who know what he’s done and has “extremely limited contact with the outside world.

Sentencing, Judge Andew Jeffries QC said: “You surrendered yourself to the police in 2018, admitted you’d downloaded images off the internet and no doubt that is the reason you were given a suspended sentence, no doubt because it was hoped, expected, mitigated that you’d shown a willingness to stop behaving like this.

“The sad reality and conclusion that I’ve drawn is you are a paedophile who is unable to control your impulsive sexual interest in children.”

The judge continued: “The whole purpose of the systems that you downloaded is to prevent people from knowing what you are looking at and when you are looking at it.

The whole purpose of the sexual harm prevention order preventing you looking at this software is to prevent you looking at these images which you are seemingly unable to do so.”

Judge Jeffries handed a sentence totalling two years and eight months but also activated 10 months of the suspended sentence to make a total of three-and-a-half years. Ollerenshaw will serve at least half before being released on licence.