July 2022

Vile paedophile repeatedly sexually abused girl from age of 6 over course of 8 years

A vile sex predator whose mum shouted in court: “I love you son. Those stinking grasses are not going to get away with it” has been found guilty of sexually abusing a six-year-old girl and molesting two other children has been jailed for 13 years.

Nathan Quintyne, 31, appeared at the Inner London Court with his head hung below the defendant’s box as Judge Newbery listened to the 11 charges against him. He still denies abusing three children, despite being found guilty on all counts.

Quintyne, of Pioneer Street, Peckham, SE15 began his abuse aged 17, but carried on as an adult.

He touched one girl “frequently” after being given “the green light” following the first sexual touching incident when she was only six-years-old. He then “digitally penetrated” the girl “on at least ten occasions” between 2008 and 2016.

The bus driver was also found guilty of kissing the same girl when she was a teenager.

“She remembered it being quite significant and quite humiliating for her. You thought it was quite amusing,” Judge Newbery added. “Her young life was really blighted over many many years. It cannot be said this has not had a profound effect on all three children but particularly her.”

‘Not content’ with abusing the girl, the court heard how he began to abuse a primary school aged boy, by touching him on three occasions – at least one of which as recent as 2019. Quintyne was found guilty of abusing one more girl having touched her on three occasions up to 2017. During this period one of his victims broke their silence on the abuse, but ruthless Quintyne carried on while denying their cries for help.

During the hearing, a friend of Quintyne – joined by his mother and pregnant girlfriend – banged on the window and said: “I love you”, as the Judge left the court to decide on the jail term. Upon returning they were ordered to stay quiet after making more noise. All three supporters sobbed throughout the sentencing hearing, while Quintyne’s brother sat emotionless.

In her closing remarks, the Judge said: “You have not accepted that you committed these serious crimes. You are unable to show remorse.”

The court heard that Quintyne had previously been convicted of killing a dad-of-two while driving a bus “without due care or attention” in Peckham in 2015, but this was unrelated and did not influence the sentence.

As the Judge read out the consecutive 13-year sentence – of nine years, two years, and two years, for the offences against three children – Quintyne stared blankly through the glass before beginning to weep.

The onlookers in the public gallery wailed and gasped, before his mum shouted: “I love you son. Those stinking grasses are not going to get away with it.” Another friend screamed: “He did not even do it… I can’t deal with this.”

Quintyne stared up at his girlfriend and wiped his eyes with tissues before he was removed from the box.

Under new legislation he will serve a minimum of two thirds of his sentence – around eight years.

Judge Newberry also issued restraining orders to stop him ever contacting his victims, and a sexual harm prevention order to stop him staying in a house with any under-18 without express permission.

He will now be entered onto the sex offenders register.