June 2022

Victim’s incredible bravery in testifying about historic sexual abuse

A victim has shown incredible bravery by giving testimony in court about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

Roy Riggall, 81, admitted sexual activity with girls aged between 11 and 13 years, including incitement with a boy for sexual activity.

He was jailed for two years at Grimsby Crown Court.

Riggall had previously been jailed for over 10 years prior for robbery, prosecuting Senior Crown Advocate, Jeremy Evans said to the court.

Riggall had alsobeen convicted of 19 sex offences in the past, Judge Bury praised the victims for coming forward and contacting police about the abuse.

During their heartfelt testimony, one of the female victims said: “You would think that after all these years, I could find the words to tell you how being abused has impacted my life. The truth is, I still struggle emotionally and mentally most days.

It’s a life sentence of a constant battle that I have to live with, a punishment for his actions and not mine.

“The actions of one individual have made me feel worthless and have contributed to a life of depression and anxiety. My innocence was stolen and I know I’m not the person I could have been or who I wanted to be. I struggle to trust people. Simple tasks like going to the doctor leave me anxious and I often cry when I do.

“When I first went to the police, I just wanted someone to believe me and for him to acknowledge what he did and that it was wrong.

Although I’ve no doubt this will continue to impact me. I am not that young girl now and I cannot continue to torture myself by asking why.

“Only one person here knows why he chose to do what he did and I hope he now knows that although it was years ago, he has and continues to cause pain. He caused this damage and he deserves to take responsibility for it.

“I will no longer live with the shame and guilt, he will. I’m no longer scared of him and when today is over I will walk away with my head held high knowing I was not to blame, he was. ”

Judge Bury said the victims deserved praise for their courage in court.

Riggall was assured to follow the lifetime Restraining Order imposed by his defence, Craig Lowe, including not contacting the victims.