June 2022

Paedophile persuaded child to send him photos in school uniform saying he wished ‘he was her father’

A paedophile who persuaded a schoolgirl to send him sickening images told her he wished he was her father, a court heard.

David Wilson of Stockton was caught with nearly six hours of child abuse footage and pleaded guilty to nine sexual offences on May 19 at Teesside Crown Court.

During a sentencing hearing on Monday, it was heard his crimes came to light after his phone was found by a mechanic.

Chris Baker, prosecuting, said on September 6, last year, Wilson’s unlocked phone was found by a worker who rang the police when a child abuse video started to play.

Mr Baker said police examined the phone along with another device only to find further illegal images and videos. Mr Baker said: “Across the two devices 95 still category A images were recovered and 197 category A moving images.

In total there was three hours and 37 minutes of footage.

“Also recovered were 119 category B images and 118 moving images with a total of one hour and 36 minutes of footage. There were also 113 category C images and 43 moving images with a total length of 32 minutes.”

The court also heard there was evidence of paedophilic search terms on his devices. Mr Baker said during another instance the defendant sent nine child abuse images on December 5, 2020, whilst chatting to a person dubbed ‘IronMan’.

He also chatted to a girl, 14, and persuaded her to said him naked images and videos of herself performing sex acts. The prosecution claimed he also encouraged her to put her school uniform on and told her he wished he was her father.

Mr Baker added: He told her he wished he was her father and asked whether she would let him play with her if she was.” In conversation with another young girl Mr Baker said Wilson asked her for ‘sexy pictures’ and offered to send her pictures of himself in return.

Wilson, 36, of Essexport Road, was sentenced to 68 months in prison. He was also made subject to a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) and must comply with notification requirements.