May 2022

Aberdeenshire man jailed for serious sexual offences

A man who raped and attacked a number of women during a catalogue of physical and sexual abuse has been jailed for ten years. 

Keith Donald raped two women and attempted to rape a third in attacks he committed over a nine-year period.

A judge told him at the High Court in Edinburgh: “A lengthy custodial sentence is the only appropriate disposal.”

Judge Simon Collins QC also ordered the 42-year-old to be kept under supervision for a further four years and warned that if he failed to comply with licence conditions during that time he may be returned to prison.

The judge said that evidence accepted by a jury suggested a pattern of abuse and violence committed by him over a period of years.

He said Donald had shown no remorse or empathy for the victims and instead blamed them. 

Donald from Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, had denied a series of charges during an earlier trial.

He was convicted of a total of eight offences, including four rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault. He was also found guilty of attacking two of his victims to the danger of their lives.

He raped his first victim in 2004 at an address in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, when she was pushed onto a bed and her lower clothing pulled down by her attacker.

During assaults the woman was hit on the head and body and also pinned against a wall after Donald pushed an item of furniture against her body.

Donald later attacked the woman again, raping her in 2006. 

He also carried out a life endangering assault on the woman in May that year when he pushed her to the ground and grabbed her by the neck and restricted her breathing as he throttled her and repeatedly punched her on the head.

In 2010 he attacked a second woman at a house in Kemnay and tried to rape her after taking her mobile phone when she was asleep and damaging it.

She also had her neck compressed after he seized her by the throat. She was pushed onto a bed and Donald struggled with her during the attack.

His third victim was also attacked at a house in Kemnay in 2013 when she was subjected to a sexual assault and rape.

During the rape, Donald restrained the woman’s arms and again gripped her by the neck and restricted her breathing as he assaulted her to the danger of her life.

Donald was told that he would be placed on the sex offenders’ register for an indefinite period following sentencing, which he followed via a video link to prison.