June 2022

Truro paedophile Danny Sivyer exploited 13-year-old girl who begged him to stop

An evil paedophile who manipulated a child with learning difficulties into performing sexual acts on camera and sending him nudes has been sent to prison.

Danny Sivyer, of Treyew Road in Truro, appeared at Truro Crown Court on Friday, June 24, for sentencing after admitting a slew of sexual offences against a 13-year-old child.

The court heard how the young female victim had a mental age of roughly eight or nine-years-old, and had a particularly childish demeanour and innocence about her during a police interview.

23-year-old Sivyer began to groom the girl after meeting her on an anonymous chat room app in October 2021.

He told the girl, at first, that he was a 16-year-old boy and encouraged her to use Facetime.

The girl agreed, but quickly realised that Sivyer was not 16, and he confessed he was 23.

Sivyer continued speaking to the girl, and the conversations started to get explicitly sexual not long after they started talking.

Chat logs seen by the courts show Sivyer confessing his affection, and love, for the girl.

This, the prosecution said, was accompanied by “frequent” comments about his sexual interest in the girl, including explicit references to sexual acts he wanted to perform on and with her.

Sivyer repeatedly asked for sexual images of the girl, who later told police she was uncomfortable with what she was being asked.

The paedophile obtained naked images of her, and as the ‘relationship’ between the two progressed, the Facetime calls also became explicit.

At one stage, Sivyer asked the girl to masturbate, and perform various other sexual acts including with household objects. He made one request which the girl said made her feel uncomfortable and she refused to perform it.

He also discussed rape fantasies with the child, though the court asserted these did not constitute threats.

Sivyer sent videos and pictures of himself masturbating to the girl, sent her pictures of other children engaging in sexual activities, and was found by police to have distributed highly sexual images of her to other likeminded perverts via Telegram.

The girl blocked Sivyer several times on the chat room site, but each time he would make a new account and re-engage her. Another time she told him to stop “forcing” her to do things.

Nevertheless, Sivyer continued to groom her and tell her he wished to run away together, take her virginity, and obtain pictures of her. Other indecent images of children included boys and girls as young as four.

Judge Anna Richardson jailed Sivyer for a total of five years and eight months, a sentence of which he will serve at least half before being considered for release on license.

Judge Richardson said: “You were in possession of a number of indecent images and, on Telegram, distributed them.

“Extremely young children as young as four were involved. So far as your relationship with [the girl] can be concerned, this took place between October 22 and November 10, 2021. You knew that she was under 18, she was in fact 13.

“You chatted online and you initially lied about your age telling you were 16.

You bombarded her with requests for images and videos to the point that in one message she told you to stop forcing her.

“She said she feels scared of men and boys both online and in person, including members of her own family. The offences you committed caused her huge psychological distress. You are remorseful, you expressed regret and you recognise you’ve traumatised her.”