June 2022

Edinburgh victim of ‘monster’ rapist says prison sentence is not long enough

A female targeted along with her young child by a ‘monster’ Edinburgh rapist says she is disappointed at the time he will serve behind bars.

Shaun Nolan was brought to justice after a suicidal school pupil confided in a teacher – writing ‘I’ve been getting sexually abused’ on a Post-it note.

The pupil then added a second note before talking to staff who alerted the police.

The High Court in Edinburgh Nolan, 54, began abusing the complainer in August 2015 when they were aged just 10.

Nolan, of Corstorphine Road, raped the teenager and continued to sexually assault them until November 2020.

The court heard that the complainer then approached teachers and spoke about what had happened to them.

Police arrested Nolan and detectives discovered that he had also sexually abused a woman who was aged 14 at the time of the assaults in 2002. Nolan was 34 when the abuse started.

After seeing judge Lord Richardson jail Nolan for a total of six years and eight months, the older victim said: “He is a monster.

“This is not the justice we expected buy any years is better than none. He deserves to rot.”

Passing sentence, Lord Richardson said Nolan’s abuse of his victims had been “deeply traumatising” to them.

He added: “It is clear that the victims have all suffered significant and lasting stress, distress and harm as a consequence of your actions.

“It is difficult to find the words to describe the utterly appalling nature of what you have done.”

Nolan admitted charges raping and sexually assaulting the school pupil at a hearing earlier this year.

He also pleaded guilty to another charge of sexually assaulting his other victim between June 2002 and June 2004.

At that hearing, prosecutor David McNaughton said the school pupil approached staff and told them of an attempt to take their own life.

They were encouraged to write about their ordeal as they struggled to speak about it.

Mr McNaughton said: “The complainer wrote on a Post-it note.’

“This was reported to a guidance teacher and assistant head teacher who attempted to speak with the complainer about the disclosure.

“Again, the complainer struggled to articulate what had happened and instead wrote on another post it note ‘he’s been sexually abusing me.’”

Mr McNaughton told the court that police became aware of the sexual abuse of the woman following his arrest.

Detectives discovered that he started preying on her when she was aged 14 in June 2002 and the abuse continued for another two years.

Mr McNaughton also told the court that following his arrest, Nolan denied any wrongdoing.

The advocate added: “He initially denied the sexual abuse of the complainers then provided ‘no comment’ answers to specific questioning.

“However, the accused then stood up and said ‘I’m guilty.’”

Nolan observed proceedings via video link from prison as he was sentenced and also placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

Before leaving the bench, Lord Richardson also told him: “I strongly encourage you to take up all opportunities which will be offered to you in custody to address your offending behaviour.”