June 2022

Sick paedophile raped woman in his North London flat years after abusing her as a child

A paedophile who sexually abused a child years before raping her as an adult has been jailed.

Geoffrey Tullett, 77, was first reported to the police after she kept her underwear as evidence following a rape on August 2, 2017 at his flat in Holloway.

Appearing today at Southwark Crown Court, he was jailed for 18 years for inflicting “extreme psychological harm” upon his victim.

The court heard that the abuse had first begun when the victim was just a child, after she was sexually assaulted whilst playing a game with Tullett.

During the first assault, he had placed his hand up her top as well as into her underwear, before warning her, ‘Don’t tell anybody’.

A second offence had occurred when the victim was a few years older, when Tullett had once again sexually molested her, leaving her to cry in a bathroom “for a very long time”.

In a distressing victim impact statement read aloud by the prosecutor, his victim said she had spent her teenager years “full of anger and rage”.

She stated: “I was very young when this happened to me, I was too young to know what was going on. I don’t remember much of primary school as I used to daydream to escape the reality of what had happened to me.”

She described feeling “overwhelmed with anger, confusion and fear”, and eventually relocated during her early twenties, where she managed to build a “great social life” and a career for herself.

However, she was brought back into contact with her abuser in 2017, where he took advantage of the situation and raped her in his living room.

After he ejaculated, the victim kept her underwear which was later forensically examined by the police and provided “irrefutable evidence” that sexual intercourse had taken place.

In the days after the attack, she confided in her dad, who took her to The Havens, a specialist centre for victims of rape or sexual abuse.

The police were contacted and a week after, she was interviewed where she emotionally said she had felt “numb” and had been unable to fight him off.

Tullett was arrested at his home, but despite this, he was not charged with rape and indecent assault until 2021. Speaking of the impact this has had on her life, his victim said: “This police case has felt like an extra trauma.

The CPS guidelines meant I couldn’t have full access to the therapy I deserved. The system and their processes have made my recovery very difficult, it is very hard to move on with your life when a police case like this is ongoing.”

She had not even been informed of the trial date, and was informed by her dad who had been contacted by the witness service.

She continued: “I felt my life would start again and then this trial date was moved again. I’ve had three trial dates now and I feel like that has been really disruptive. I feel badly treated by the system.”

She continued to say that her anxiety had impacted every aspect of her life, causing her to relocate and lose her career, and due to the ongoing case, she had been unable to access “full trauma” therapy. “I almost wish I hadn’t reported it to the police,” she continued. “The criminal justice system has prevented me from recovering.”

Since the rape in 2017, she has been diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety and had attempted to overdose shortly after the attack.

Tullett had denied the charges of rape and two indecent assaults on a child under the age of 14, but was unanimously convicted by the jury.

Her Honour Judge Dafna Spiro said: “You denied the assault on your victim as a child, you accepted having sex with her in 2017 but blamed her, and said she had initiated the act.

She gave an account to the police, a week after she was raped. It was harrowing to watch, the anger and pain was visceral. She was in a state of trauma.

“Instead, you told the jury and the author of the pre-sentence report that it was all an act and she was a liar. She was unable to look at the interviewing officer, she had her head in her hands.

It was incredibly distressing to watch and must have been an extraordinary ordeal for the victim. She was shocked, she was in pain, and she expressed that she thought it was her fault.”

Calling the victim “an incredibly brave young woman”, she said: “The only person who should feel shame and guilt in abundance is you.”

Tullett was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment, and has also been made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order and an indefinite restraining order.

He will also now be placed on the sex offenders register.