October 2021: Newlands was given extra jail time after being caught with a SIM card at Glenochil prison. He used the card to make unregulated phone calls from the prison.

February 2021

Violent bully raped and abused three women 

A violent predator that raped and bullied three separate females has been sentenced to 14-years in prison

Malcolm Newlands, 29 of Carluke and Glasgow appeared at Glasgow High Court to be sentenced for a string of serious offences against females which included multiple counts of: 

  • Rape

  • Sexual assault by penetration

  • Assault to injury and permanent disfigurement

The court was told that over a period of around 10-years, roofer and cladder Newlands raped and attacked three different women.

The attacks involved him using violence against the victims so he could overpower them and then commit rape

In one attack, he stabbed a victim with a pair of pliers. And in another attack he pressed fully heated hair straighters down onto the victims arm leaving scars. 

In a bid to silence the victims, Newlands would warn them not to speak out or else he would kill them by slitting their throats

Newlands pleaded not guilty to all the offences which forced the victims to relive the attacks by giving evidence in court

However, the jury saw through his lies and convicted him on all counts. 

The judge sentenced him to 14-years, but to serve a minimum of ten years in prison before he can apply for parole

The sentence was back-dated to 2019 as Newlands had been on remand since that date.

As the judge jailed him, he said Newlands posed a “significant risk of harm” to females

Newlands was told that he will remain as a registered sex offender indefinitely.