February 2022

Exeter ‘menace’ jailed for exposing himself near school

A man has been jailed for dropping his trousers and masturbating near a school in Exeter.

Scott Davis, 31, stood roadside on Rydon Lane with his penis exposed to passers by.

A passing police officer arrested him and he has been convicted for outraging public decency.

A judge at Exeter Crown Court sent him to jail for 24 weeks

The incident happened at about 2.40pm on September 14.

Mr Tom Bradnock, prosecuting, said: “A female witness noticed a man standing by the side of Rydon Lane not far from St Peter’s School.

“His trousers were down and his penis exposed and he was masturbating vigorously.”

It turned out that Davis, who has a number of previous and recent convictions for violence, had only been released from custody about an hour earlier having been arrested for shoplifting.

Davis told police he barely remembered the incident and had not been taking his medication. He said he had been trying to urinate.

Witnesses said they were disgusted and concerned by what they had seen.

Judge Timothy Rose said: “I’m hugely concerned about how you are living your life at the moment.”

“You were released from custody and went out to commit this offence within about an hour.”

He said Davis’ recent pattern of offending involved him resorting to violence and he was becoming a ‘menace’ to the community.

He said he was concerned Davis would come out and commit further offences and the proper structures were not in place to deal with his issues.