June 2022

Winsford man jailed for attacking kids at Hartford station

A Winsford man has been jailed after attacking three schoolchildren at Hartford train station as they made their way home.

Appearing at Warrington Magistrates Court on Friday, June 10, 37-year-old Nicky Fallows, of Greenfields was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison.

As well as hitting one of the children with a school tie, he pulled another boy’s hair and told another he was gay, in the worrying incident on September 7 last year.

Fallows also twerked in another boy’s face and exposed his pubic hair to all three, who were aged between 12 and 13, leaving one of them so traumatised he didn’t want to go to school the next day.

Joshua Sanderson-Kirk, prosecuting, told the court how Fallows had arrived at the station shortly before 3pm and after making enquiries at the ticket office, was told he had a 40-minute wait for the next train.

“A group of schoolchildren came into the station to make their way home,” he said.

“Fallows approached them and asked what they were doing lying on a bench, saying to one of them ‘I thought you were raping him there’.

“He hit one of the boys with a school tie and then grabbed him and asked what time the next train was.

“When another boy came over, he asked the others ‘do you want me to f**k him up for you?’.

“He then made comments about another boy’s facial hair saying he had more on his d**k and that he must be gay.

“Fallows then undid his trousers and exposed his pubic hair to the children.”

Fallows then proceeded to twerk, pushing his bottom into the face of one of the boys before officers arrived at the scene and arrested him.

Mr Sanderson-Kirk also told the court about two other offences Fallows had pleaded guilty to – attacking and pushing his former partner to the floor after she invited him around to her house because she felt sorry for him after his gas had been turned off.

That incident, in which he also damaged the woman’s car, took place on March 23 this year, when Fallows had again been so drunk he could barely remember what had happened.

In jailing him for a total of 24 weeks, the chair of the magistrates said: “These were schoolchildren.

“They were attacked by you verbally, physically and psychologically, so much so, one of them didn’t want to go to school the next day.”