Scott Leatherbarrow – Ramsbottom

December 2021

Child abuse pictures sent to man’s phone 

A man was taken to court and fined £500 for having child porn on his phone which was sent to him on a WhatsApp group.

A court heard Scott Leatherbarrow and his then friends would engage in “laddish” behaviour and exchange regular pornographic images.

But the 44-year-old found himself in trouble after police found out he had seven images of child sexual abuse on his device in November 2017.

He was also found to have a video of bestiality involving a pig.

Officers searched a total of 18 devices but indecent material was only found on one, a phone he had owned since September that year. Prosecutors initially accused him of downloading the video and images but it was established they had come from a WhatsApp group.

Leatherbarrow, of Acre Close, Ramsbottom, appeared at Manchester Minshull Street Court to be sentenced.

Judge Angela Nield asked prosecutor Antony Longworth: “Is it correct that all the images that are concerned in this case were sent to him?”

The prosecutor replied: “They were sent via WhatsApp, there is no evidence of searches from him for indecent images.”

The judge agreed to this and fined him £500 and discharged the case.

She said the images were not the highest category seen before the court, and also a relatively small number.“It seems to me this appearance before the court has been a salutary lesson to you.”

She added the unique circumstances allowed her to go outside sentencing guidelines.

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