June 2022

Paedophile spared prison over haul of 9,000 sick images due to Asperger’s

A now two time convicted paedophile who downloaded more than 9,000 images of children being abused was spared prison because he has Asperger’s.

Kevin Cornes, 35, of Ascot Avenue, Runcorn, reportedly shook with anxiety in the dock for much of the hearing at Chester Crown Court on Monday as he appeared to learn his fate.

Paedophile Cornes spoke to confirm he had pleaded guilty at magistrates’ court in May 6 three counts of making indecent images of children and one of possessing an indecent image of a child, the latter charge covering all 9,177 images.

According to Simon Mintz, prosecuting, the “making” part of the charge refers to the act of downloading. He said police executed a warrant at Cornes’s home on March 30 last year and seized digital devices.

Three devices were “significant”, showing Cornes had downloaded 1,259 Category A images – the worst type, 1,234 in Category B, and 6,694 Category C, totalling 9,177 images.

File names suggested the ages of the children ranged between three and 13 years old.

Mr Mintz said the “vast majority” were still images and 103 were videos. They were believed to have been downloaded between August 2019 and March 6 last year.

Cornes answered “no comment” when police interviewed him in January 2022. Mr Mintz said Cornes had a similar conviction from 2015 for making indecent images when he received a three-year community order, which expired in 2018, and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) to run until 2025.

He said the sentencing range for making Category A images was six months to three years.

Judge Steven Everett, Recorder of Chester, approved the revocation of the previous SHPO and replaced it with an updated order covering Cornes’s use of the internet and police access to his devices.

Kevin Cornes, 35, of Ascot Avenue, Runcorn, had a previous conviction for indecent images from 2015.

The judge sentenced Cornes to 18 months suspended for two years

He also ordered the 35-year-old to complete up to 60 days rehabilitation, alongside a 10-year SHPO and 10-years on the sex offenders register