May 2019

Pervert sentenced for abusing fourt children

A Redditch man has been jailed after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of four victims aged between 5-10 years oldPaul Robinson mid 40’s (12/03/74) was sentenced to three and ½ years in prison and has been put on to the sex offenders register indefinitely.   Through out the two and ½ year police investigation, Paul Robinson pleaded ‘not guilty’ several times to the allegations.

However on the 8th May 2019, the first day of the trial, Paul Robinson pleaded guilty to 6 out of 11 chargesPaul Robinson was charged and sentenced for:

  • Five counts of indecent assault

  • One count of indecency with a Child

    As a result of the late plea, this meant that his victims were put through the extra trauma in preparation for the time leading up to the trial, which included several court visits and watching video evidence whilst reliving the sexual abuse that they suffered at such a young age which all could have been avoided if Paul Robison had admitted his guilt at the beginning rather than leaving it to the first day of the trial in which one of his victims was due on the same day and the others in the days to follow during the two week trial period.

    The abuse took place between 1988-1990 and it took one of the victims to hit rock bottom in re-hab to disclose her abuse 27 years later which started off the police investigation and the number of victims increased with others who were spoken to as part of the investigation, however they chose not to move forward with any allegations.  

    All of the victims knew each other and yet none of them knew of the abuse that each had suffered at the hands of Paul Robinson until 30 years later when the names were shared with each other after the police investigation was complete.