May 2022

Huddersfield man jailed for watching child abuse on Zoom

A man who watched child sexual abuse being streamed on Zoom has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Nigel Coxon, 55, joined a video call where abuse involving boys and girls aged between three and 15 was being shown by another user.

Coxson posted a number of comments which indicated a sexual interest in young girls.

Coxon claimed his wi-fi had been hacked when arrested in 2017 at his home in Somerset Road in Huddersfield by National Crime Agency (NCA) officers.

He did admit to police that he has a sexual interest in girls under 10.

Coxon was convicted after a six day trial at Leeds Crown Court in March.

The images and videos viewed by Coxon showed victims suffering “horrific abuse”, the NCA said.

Coxon, now of Coronation Street in Stoke on Trent, logged in to view the most severe category A indecent images and videos in August 2017, according to the NCA.

When officers arrested Coxon on 23 October 2017 he denied ever using Zoom, but admitted having a sexual interest in girls under 10.

Neil Baxter, NCA operations manager, said: “Nigel Coxon took significant steps in an attempt to remain anonymous and cover up his criminality.

“He also made cynical claims about being hacked, but our investigators were able to prove without question that it was Coxon viewing this material on Zoom and telling complete strangers about his sexual interest in young girls.

“Behind every one of the videos he viewed was a victim of horrific abuse.

“The NCA will never relent in bringing offenders like Coxon to justice, nor protecting children from the worst abusers.”

Coxon was convicted of four counts of making category A and B indecent images of children.