August 2021

‘You are digging a hole for yourself’: Judge warns Leeds former soldier caught with child abuse images

A former soldier caught with abuse images was told by a judge that he was “digging a hole” for himself after denying he had a sexual interest in children.

William Anthony Joynes, also known as Tony Joynes, initially claimed the files found on his computer, which included a video of a child being abused and videos of sexual activity between women and animals, had been downloaded accidentally.

But the judge sitting at Leeds Crown Court, Recorder Abdul Iqbal QC, told 59-year-old Joynes that he rejected his account, and warned him he would go to prison if he maintained that stance.

He said: “It’s wholly without foundation and wholly uncredible.

“It would have been rejected by me had you given evidence and told me you had downloaded these images accidentally and you had no sexual interest in children at all.

“I reject all these submissions. You do have a sexual interest in children.”

Timothy Jacobs, prosecuting, said police had attended Joynes’ home on Valley Road, Kippax, after being contacted by Google.

The tech company said email addresses linked to Joynes were being used to download images.

Police seized an iPhone, an e-reader, a desktop computer and a hard drive.

They found the video of a child being abused, which was deemed to be Category A – the most serious.

They also found 12 Category C images of children, eight videos of extreme pornography involving animals, and 42 computer-generated animated videos showing children being abused.

During interview with police, Joynes told officers he admitted using pornography, but denied knowing that the images were there on the files he had downloaded.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of making indecent images, possession of extreme pornography and possessing prohibited images.

Recorder Iqbal said: “The facts are depressingly familiar to the court.

“People like you who have otherwise led an unblemished life find it difficult to understand the damage you cause to children.

“If it were not for individuals like you who create a market for this type of material, there would be no need for children to be abused and fuel the market you create.

“It’s something you need to recognise. I’m not satisfied you fully understand this.”

Joynes was given an eight-months jail sentence, suspended for 12 months.

He was also ordered to complete 50 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

Joynes was told he must go on the sex offender register for five years and was made the subject of a five-year sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) to limit his internet use.